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Together With Trusted People, Your Company Will Make Anything Seem Possible.


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Stravavision HR Consulting focuses on offering HR Generalist services to small and medium businesses in the Western Cape.


Working Together

Trusted and Happy employees are needed to achieve greatness within your company. Achieving this should not be seen as an obstacle.


Strategies Work

Strategies, winning products and services can work. Building a company with independent employees is key to the success of strategic planning.

There is never a better time !

With 16 years human resources experience across a broad range of different industries, we are bound to be able assist you. Whether you need to put contracts and policies and procedures in place, refine what you already have on the HR front or restructure your business.

Your have come to the right place.

Some of Our Specialities!

  • Employment Relations
  • Performance Management
  • Recruitment
  • Organisation Design
  • Retrenchments

We are Your HR Consultant

Your Company needs us

Many small and medium sized businesses have and HR administration of office on site, but lack the funds to have someone implement broad HR strategies and to do the more long term HR planning and work.
This is where Stravaision can support your on-site HR staff and offer additional value at reasonable costs. Even if you don't have on-site HR staff, we can still be of assistance with day to day and long term HR matters.
We are happy to offer you a quotation on any specific individual work tasks at an hourly rate, or to set up a defined retainer arrangement in order for us to be available to assist with your HR requirements at all times.

“Creating Greatness within your Company, Delivering more than Expected”

We Have a Wide Range of Services

We assist with all your HR requirements

HR Problems No More!

Take the next step, allow us to assist you to sort out all those necessary but sometimes problematic HR requirements.

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